Von Farnsworth

We are excited for Von to join Abode & Co as he retires from his varied 35 years aerospace and 30 years of concurrent military experience. He has been married to Sandy Campbell since 1979 and enjoys their six children and growing grandchildren. Sandy is co-owner and operates Sisters & Quilters as well as Precision Waves salon from home. Von's professional experiences have taken his family to Ohio, Virginia and in Utah (from Sandy, Cache Valley, and to St. George). His diverse experience, Including various home ownerships, income property and commercial retail/large office property experiences throughout that give him broad residential/commercial real estate experience/perspective. Von has also designed and built custom homes and served as CFO for a 750 acre real estate development project. His passions include family, community service, travel and nearly everything outdoors.

Von's belief is that asking the right questions, listening and open communications are the key to meeting requirements and ultimate customer satisfaction. Von is delighted to help you exceed your varied real estate investment objectives and will serve tirelessly to realize your ultimate satisfaction.

(435) 764-6219 Cell
(435) 227-6913 Office