Abby Erickson

Abby is a graduate from Bridgerland Applied Technical College. Born and raised in Cache Valley, she has deep roots and love for the nature and people here alike. Abby often finds herself admiring and enjoying the beauty that this life has to offer. She is a proud mother of a handsome son and has a hardworking husband by her side. Together they can be found enjoying many activities such as fishing, shooting, boating and bonding around a campfire. Some of the simple pleasures, like evenings at home with her family makes her most happy! Abby is very passionate about everything she does. Real Estate is fuel to her fire. Abby makes herself available to her clients at any moment if need be. She prides herself on the importance of hard work and honesty. Her kind and patient demeanor and detail-oriented personality makes her a breeze to work with. Her relationship with her clients is much more than just a business transaction, she is there to be your friend. No matter the circumstances, if you need a friend in Real Estate, Abby is here to help! Abby would like to thank all of her clients and friends in advance for giving her the opportunity to help. She couldn t be more grateful.

(435) 890-7731 Cell
(435) 227-6913 Office